We're a newly founded, online toy store in Pasig City, Philippines. The store, opened in November 2022, is run by our small family of three.

Yas Diggity Toys Ph believes in the power of play.

We want the children to stretch their imagination and let it take them on adventures, big and small. Get lost in a muddy jungle, riding giant robot insects. Stand on a volcano, teaching a class of dinosaurs how to sing, or just splash with exotic birds at a river made of rainbows and butterflies. There is never a limit to a child's imagination.

We encourage messy play, because it allows them to create their own experiences that encourage learning through exploration, problem solving and creativity. 

Our mission is to spread the spark of curiosity that cultivates lifelong learning. We want the children to know more about the earth through precious rocks and minerals. We want them to turn back time with fossils and dinosaurs, and appreciate that amazing things existed long before they did.

We provide toys and fun activities tha make the kids want to know more about nature and the world they live in.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. Together, we welcome you to our beloved toy shop.

Lots of love,

Chinggay, Bache, and Miles
Owners | Yas Diggity Toys Ph